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Music moves. Music speaks. Music is a language that expresses what spoken words can not.
It is a multilanguage that all human beings can understand no matter what culture, religion, or region they grew up with.

I compose for theatre, movies, and live performances, and I also perform on stage both solo and with other projects.
I also mix, produce and master music for other artists in my own studio.


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My musical journey

I find inspiration in Mother Earth's wonders and spends much time in Nordic nature. I do not try to reconstruct the music performed in ancient times, as that music is long gone. I seek inspiration from the same views, sounds, and fumes surrounding those living there a thousand years ago and more. I also draw inspiration from what we know about them. I find the sounds of their instruments and the fragments of documentation about them inspiring and fascinating. Still, I also like to consider where those instruments originate from and add musical flavors accordingly. Then again, combine those sounds, inspiration, and knowledge with modern technology to create my musical expression.

I started my search for the origin of music in the mid-nineties. Around the millennium- change, my focus went more towards Norse music traditions and their roots. Out of this, the band Ehwaz came to life in 1999. Later, I have participated in numerous projects that draw inspiration from the north's ancient music, like Skvalthr and Wardruna, to mention some.

My primary focus has stayed here in the last twenty years, both musically and in my lecturing in old Norse music history.

I started composing music at an early age. At the age of seventeen, I was a certified conductor and worked as a music instructor. When I turned twenty-one, I finished my education as a sound engineer and music producer. Since my debut with Origami Galaktika back in 1995, I have participated in more than eighty releases and worked with many projects and genres worldwide. 

I have also composed music for several movies and plays and produced albums for many other artists.


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