Studio production

A touch of something different?

Working on a film, a play, or even have some great ideas for a song?
Maybe you are in the works on a new album?
I got you covered!


Mix only

If you have it all recorded, arranged, and like the sound of all tracks but need a better mix, this is your option.

Mix and production

You have a great idea, but not sure about the instrumentation, arrangement or both?

Then this one´s for you!


I don´t do full rock bands for recording, but smaller projects and acoustic performances if fine!

Studio Musician

You need something out of the ordinary for your song? Maybe an old historic sound?
I have a huge collection of instruments and a nose for how to use them ;)


So, your track/ EP/ Album is finished and ready for publishing? 
Let me give it a final touch to make it shine, and prepare it for the correct media at the same time. You won´t regret it!


Working on a film, a play, or even have some great ideas for a song?
I have composed music for all those purposes many times, so if you need it, you know where to find me ;)

Prices may vary, depending on how much work it demands.

Your description of your projects helps to determine the cost.

You can also set a budget, and I´ll set all my minions at work to make the most out of it.


Contact me here.

Remember to describe your project and desires.